Frequently Asked Questions

About ADA Rides

How do I apply for ADA rides?

You can fill out the ADA application found here, and mail that back to Regional Transportation Program; 127 Saint John St; Portland ME 04102. You can also fax it to (207) 828-8899 or email it to [email protected].

I sent in my ADA application but I haven’t heard back from RTP yet?

ADA applications can take up to 21 days to process and we process in the order that we receive them. In most cases, we get the applications processed in less than 21 days. Please be patient. If 21 days has passed since RTP received your application, please call us at (207) 774-2666 or email: [email protected].

I was denied my ADA application. What can I do now?

You may appeal the denial. Information about the appeal process was sent to you with the denial letter. You can read it here.

If I sent in my part of the ADA application, can you keep it until my doctors send in their portion?

Unfortunately, we are not able to hold incomplete applications on file. We are required to process all ADA applications within 21 days of receiving any portion of the application. If we do not have both portions of the application, we will send it back to you.

I have been approved for ADA but when can I ride?

You can take a ride anytime during the regular working hours of the METRO or South Portland Bus System. You can ride to any destination that is ¾ of a mile from any METRO or South Portland bus route.

I do not have the money to pay the fare.  Can I just get on for free?

No, there is a fee associated with all ADA rides. Every ADA ride is charged this fee and it must be paid or you may be denied your ride. You can pay by cash or buy ADA tickets in advance.

About Elderly Or Low Income Applications

Do I need to put my SSN on the elderly or low-income application form?

No. As of Dec. 2, 2020, social security numbers are no longer required on these applications.

What do I need to show as proof of my income?

You can provide a recent bank statement, pay stub, or an SSI award letter.

About RTP Volunteering

What is Volunteering at RTP?

Volunteering with RTP means you get to drive your own vehicle and transport riders to appointments/destinations. To help you help your community, we reimburse our volunteers 44 cents per mile.

How much do volunteers get paid?

RTP reimburses our volunteers 44 cents per mile from door to door. This is a reimbursement for the mileage a volunteer drives in their own vehicle

How many hours each week do I volunteer? What does the schedule look like?

As a volunteer you get to set your own schedule. You can volunteer as much or as little as you’d like. We ask that you give us a few days’ heads up if your schedule changes.

I drive a truck/compact sedan/SUV is that okay for volunteering?

All volunteer vehicles must be safe, reliable, and up to date on all inspections. They must be able to accommodate the rider comfortably and appropriately. It doesn’t matter so much what the design of the vehicle is so long as it satisfies these requirements.

I have a speeding ticket on my record. Does that mean I can’t volunteer?

We do perform record checks as required, and assign a point system to driving offenses. Generally speaking, the more recent and severe the infraction, the more weight it carries. Having minor derogatory marks on your driving record generally does not disqualify you from volunteering.

Do I wait for riders at their appointments?

After dropping the rider off at their destination you may leave. Their ride home is treated as a separate ride and they may have a different driver.

How do I get started with volunteering?

Please give Danielle a call at (207) 615-0393 and click here for more info.

About Employment with RTP

Are you hiring for van driver positions?

We are currently hiring for van driver positions.

What kind of license do I need to for the van driver position?

To be a van driver you need a Maine Class C license and a good driving record. If you have a CDL with a P endorsement, we have CDL vehicles which we are also hiring for.

Are there any other requirements?

You must be able to pass a drug test (which includes marijuana testing), complete a Department of Transportation physical, and pass background checks that include checks from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

What does the schedule for a van driver look like?

Van driver positions are part-time positions and start at 32 hours/week. We operate 7 days/week, and have morning, day, and late afternoon rides. Your schedule would depend on your availability. We’re always looking for Saturday drivers!

Do I need special training to drive a van?

You don’t need special training in order to drive, but we do provide training before you drive. After completing the terminal-based training, you will job shadow until you’re ready to drive on your own.

How do I apply for the van driver position?

Please give Danielle a call at (207) 615-0393 and click here for more info.