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November COVID-19 Update

Nov 17, 2020

RTP is committed to keeping passengers and drivers healthy during this pandemic.

COVID-19 Protocols for our Passengers

  1. If you are sick, STAY AT HOME.
  2. Every passenger MUST wear a face covering over their mouth and nose. If you are unable to do so, our dispatchers will arrange transportation for you, but not in RTP vehicles. Masks are available on our vehicles to anyone who does not have one.
  3. Before boarding, RTP drivers will measure passengers’ temperatures with a touchless thermometer. If a passenger has an elevated temperature or appears to be ill, the driver will decline to transport.
  4. Please refrain from touching your face and mouth with your hands.
  5. Please use hand sanitizer before and after your ride with RTP.  Hand sanitizer is available on our vehicles.
  6. Please seat yourself as far away from other passengers as possible unless the other passengers are members of your household.

Drivers will be following these protocols and others too. Drivers will wear masks and shields when assisting passengers. We all play a part in keeping each other healthy and safe. If you see unsafe practices on our vehicles, please let us know by calling 615-0393 or emailing us at [email protected]. Thank you and be well!


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